In the previous session we have seen what is the necessity of Flutter? In this session we will see what Flutter is?

  1. Flutter is an open source framework which is used to create high quality, high performance mobile application both for Android and IOS application.
  2. Flutter is an UI tool kit for building fast, beautiful and native mobile applications.
  3. Flutter was developed by Google and it uses its own programming language Dart for building this UI Kit.
  4. A Unique feature of Flutter is that it uses its own high performance engine to draw widgets which gives full control to the developers.
  5. One code for both OS so very easy to maintain the repositories and do bug fixes.
  6. It uses Material Design by default.

We have so far seen all the advantages and features of Flutter we will also see some of the limitations of Flutter also.

  1. Dart is another new program which needs to be learnt.
  2. It has very limited access to SDK libraries so lot fo functionalities must be written by developer themselves.
  3. Flutter does not support browser.

So now we have a clear knowledge on the pros and corns of Flutter. In the next session we will see how to install it in a Mac machine if you are a Windows user you can skip Session 3 and go to Session 4 directly.




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