Now a days we know that mobile application are becoming more popular than web application and as a result if we like to learn or develop mobile application than we end up many questions like.

  1. We have two choices Android and other becomes IOS obviously and We have to decide which to choose?
  2. If we choose Android then people will be expecting IOS and the vice versa and we will be in an oscillation What to choose?

like this the question goes on and on.

Even though we manage to learn and start developing in both the platform then it again becomes complexity in maintaining two different code repositories and also if a bug is there it has to fixed in both the codes and pushed. Like this there are many more difficulties.

Then we will think to choose something which can run both in Android and IOS. If we think about some hybrid app’s like PhoneGap we will never be able to satisfy or compromise a Native app performance. So again the question comes what to do???

As an answer to all the questions and as a solution for all these problems Flutter comes as a rescue. In this tutorial I will guide you to  learn and develop Flutter from basics to most advanced options. Come let’s join together and explore.

In this session we have got answer why flutter? In the next session we will explore more on what Flutter is?



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